About Us

We are a catering company with over 20 years of experience and can provide unique and fun menus to fit your taste and budget. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality food prepared by a highly-skilled and professional culinary team. 

Whether you’re planning a fun birthday party for your child, 

throwing a BBQ to celebrate the beginning of summer, 

hosting a spooktacular party to celebrate Halloween, 

or throwing a Holiday Party for your entire office staff, 

we have the food you need to make your event one to remember!


oldest & most loved


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Unique, Fun, &


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Any time. Anywhere.

Food carts are a fun and creative way to serve delicious food and immediately add a festive vibe to any party or event.
In sunny Los Angeles, California, we have the benefit of serving our customers outside for the majority of the year. 

Most of our carts can be placed indoors, as well. RAIN OR SHINE, we promise to make your party one of a kind.
FUN FACT: Food carts have been a part of American’s dining since the 17th century. No wonder people love them so much!

G O O D  D A Y  L A


A M E R I C A 'S  G O T   T A L E N T

O N C E   U P O N  A  T I M E  I N  L A

&  M A N Y   M O R E...  !

Ready to make your event amazing?

T e l l   u s   a   l i t t l e   a b o u t   y o u r   s p e c i a l  o c c a s s i o n  a n d   t o g e t h e r   w e   w i l l   c r e a t e   t h e 

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